Daniel Szafir
Daniel Szafir

Gymnastics-type activities are my strengths: pullups, muscle ups, rope climbs, etc.

Best set of unbroken strict pullups so far: 32.

Best Murph so far: 40:55.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Daniel Szafir

My journey with CrossFit began in 2021 when my wife and I decided to try out a few introductory classes as something fun for us to do together. From the first WOD, I was immediately humbled and hooked by the challenges CrossFit presents. The vast range of exercises to learn and the varied, yet structured "jack-of-all-trades" fitness methodology particularly resonated with me as someone who has always loved discovering new ways to stay active.

I have a diverse athletic background, comprised of traditional activities like baseball, swimming, soccer, and hockey as well as more unique pursuits such as fencing, kendo, and longsword. I began martial arts at an early age, earning my black belt in Tae Kwon Do by the age of 12, and have won tournaments in Karate and explored Krav Maga. I have also played competitive volleyball, winning the 2017 BB NAGVA National Championship and competing in the men's 2018 USA Volleyball Open National Championship. My love for racquet sports started as I grew up playing ping-pong with my brother, continued with varsity tennis in high school, and now includes regular pickleball, where I recently competed in the men's doubles pro qualifiers.

With this broad foundation in fitness, I am passionate about helping others by sharing my knowledge and experiences. In fact, outside the gym, I'm a professional educator and you'll find me on UNC's campus where I am a tenured professor. My excitement for acquiring and sharing knowledge drove me to become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and start coaching. I look forward to helping you advance along your own journey of physical self-improvement!