Kelly Edwards
Kelly Edwards

Clean and Jerk: 88 kg
Snatch: 68 kg
Back Squat: 270 lbs
Front Squat: 242 lbs


MS Nursing, 2008
BS Nursing with Honors, 2005
CrossFit Level 2 Certified, 2021
CrossFit Level I Certified, 2011 & 2016
USA Weightlifting Level I Certified, 2012


Kelly Edwards

After being fed up with a lack of results from her elliptical training sessions, Kelly came around to CrossFit. She started at home with Eva T’s bodyweight workouts. Due to a persistent, encouraging, and very patient husband, she finally made her way into the box.

CrossFit has changed her life, in only the most positive ways. Like many women, Kelly had always felt self-conscious of at least one part of her body. CrossFit has provided an environment where she not only embraced but became proud of her body’s strength! This in turn has greatly influenced her self-esteem. CrossFit has changed her life in such radical ways that she wants to share this with others.

Kelly is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nursing. She and Chad have two children, Evelyn and Liam, who are frequently at the gym.

When she is not at the gym, she works as a nurse practitioner in a nearby urgent care. In her (rare) free time, she likes to read, watch (and sometimes participate in) theatre, cheer on the Tar Heels, and play with her dog Comet, bunny, two ducks, three goats, and countless chickens!