Spenser Smith
Spenser Smith

Bench: 315, Squat 405, Deadlift 500 (all in the same hour)
2k row: 6:59
Jackie: 6:21
Grace: 2:06


Crossfit Level 1 Certification, 2020
CrossFit Level 2 Certification, 2024
BS Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, Cum Laude, 2014
Doctor of Pharmacy with Honors and Distinction, 2020


Spenser Smith

Spenser previously lived in Indiana andFlorida,but now calls North Carolina home. Hestarted lifting weights as a teenager after receiving a Smith machine for Christmas, and growinguphe played competitive team sports nearly year-round, including basketball, baseball, football, track and field, and even soccer one year. Helearned much about leadership through competitive team sports.  Hisactive upbringing ingrained a lifelong commitment to fitness andthe benefits it bringsto one's health, well-being, and community.

His first CrossFit workout was during a high school football workout in 2008.He was humbled by how challenging itwas,andbyhow the variety and intensity made it much more interesting than exclusively focusing on traditional weightlifting.In 2016Spensermoved to Chapel Hill and earned his PharmD from UNC. During his pressing academic schedule, he found thattraditionalworkoutsjustwere not cutting it- they were boring, not particularly effective, and required more time than he had available. Eventually, he found CrossFit Local, became a member, and has been getting fitter ever since (and enjoying the process and friends made along the way).

Spenser decided to become a CrossFit coach because he believes it can dramatically improve people’s health and quality of life, from the advanced athlete to the beginner. He pursued a career in healthcare because he is passionate about helping others, and considers being a CrossFit coach as a logical extension of that passion. As a pharmacist, Spenser understands the consequences of the chronic disease epidemic and how it impacts society, communities, and individuals. People are eager for a solution to this problem, and he believes the CrossFit methodology, when applied correctly, is an elegant solution. One of his proudest accomplishments was encouraging his mother to join a gym despite never following an exercise regimen before. She is now in better shape than ever and setting PRs in her 60s, not to mention inspiring everyone around her.